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Deze handgemaakte houten mobiel is een aanwinst op de babykamer. Een origineel en duurzaam kraamcadeau. (eventueel in combinatie met een stuk Manuka honey babyzeep en de hypoallergenic cream.) 
Buzzy Bee is het toonaangevende speelgoedmerk in Nieuw Zeeland.  
'Buzzy BeeTM is the best known of New Zealand’s toys. Three generations of New Zealand children have grown up with this brightly coloured wooden pull along toy.  It is now considered to be a much loved New Zealand icon, as there would be few New Zealanders who would not immediately recognize this toy as a feature of their younger years.
Buzzy BeeTM along with Mary LouTM is the inspired creation of two Auckland brothers, Hec and John Ramsey, first produced in the early 1940’s.  Buzzy BeeTM  is an intriguing mixture of spinning wings, quivering antennae, buzzing sounds and bright colours which fascinate the inquiring minds and senses of very young children.
Buzzy Bee is so well known in New Zealand, that it has been the subject of such things as television advertisements, postage stamps, magazine covers and parades.  He is often presented by New Zealand to visiting dignitaries and VIP’s.  Recipients of note include the future King of England, Prince William, Princess Aiko from Japan and the Spanish Royal family.
Buzzy BeeTM will continue to intrigue young children for many years to come.  Although he has evolved over the years and is now made using more up to date materials, he is still essentially the same Buzzy BeeTM that was introduced to New Zealand children all those years ago.' 

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